About Thornewood Castle

In 1907, Chester Thorne purchased a 400-year-old Elizabethan manor in England, had it dismantled brick by brick, and loaded onto three ships that sailed around Cape Horn to the shores of Washington State. Here, in Lakewood, it was reconstructed on the shores of American Lake — this time future-proofed with concrete and steel reinforcement — and embellished with a sunken English garden next door, all as a gift to his wife of 20 years, Anna. Thornewood Castle has 56 rooms (including 22 bedrooms and 22 bathrooms) over 27,000 square feet, but it's only one end of the castle that most brides and grooms are concerned with — unless your wedding guests will be taking advantage of the luxuriously appointed rooms for rent! From the upstairs rooms, the master staircase descends into the Great Hall, featuring oak-panelled walls, ornately coffered ceilings and stained glass windows made in medieval England. Most indoor wedding ceremonies and receptions take place here. The dining room next door is often reserved for dedicated dinner space, and buffets are usually set up in the loggia, a large sheltered porch. Of course, when the weather permits, most brides and grooms choose Anna's "Secret Garden" for their wedding ceremony. It's a rectangular garden ringed by a brick wall, walkway, and landscape beds. Wide steps at the front and back descend into a lush sunken lawn, featuring a reflecting pool with fountain at the center. Thick plantings of wisteria, purple clematis, climbing hydrangea, and pillar roses explode into color in the summer, and statuary scattered throughout provide year-round appeal. Thornewood Castle has had an interesting and celebrated history since its construction. In 1926, House Beautiful named the gardens one of the five most beautiful in America, and then the Garden Club of America put it at the top of their list in 1930. In 2002, Thornewood Castle starred as the haunted mansion in Stephen King's ABC television mini-series, "Rose Red," followed a year later by the prequel, "The Diary of Ellen Rimbauer." The outside view of Thornewood Castle can also be seen in the Oscar-winning film "There Will Be Blood." For more information, visit the Thornewood Castle website.

About Wallflower Photography

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